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Big Game Hunting

Argentina has a wide variety of game animals, enormous extensions of uninhabited areas are home for game animals like Red Stag, Axis deer, Blackbuck Antelope, European wild Boar and Indian Buffalo, roam free and grow to surprising trophy sizes.

There are two ways of hunting the red stag in Argentina that depend mostly on the geography (the place and surface you are hunting at). 1) Mountain hunting: On horseback the hunter watches the valleys and ridges until he locates his prey. Shots are usually from 100 to 300 meters; this hunt takes place in the south of our country (Neuquen & Rio Negro provinces). 2) Bush hunting: From March to May, during the rutting season. The prey is located by the sound of its roar (similar to a bovine bull mixed with the roar of a lion) and carefully stalked until it’s seen. Shots seldom exceed 100 meters .This hunt takes place in La Pampa province, is one of the best excursions.

You will stalk your prey. In open or semi open fields. The shots are usually medium to long range and it is not necessary to hunt during the rut. This hunt takes place in Buenos Aires province & Santa Fe province.

Hunters must wait in a stand or a blind near water holes or feeding areas, another alternative is to chase them with the famous Dogo dogs.

ANTELOPE (Blackbuck)
May be hunted from vehicles or on foot. Shots range from 150 meters to much farther. This hunt takes place mostly in Buenos Aires province as well as in Santa Fe province.

PUMA (Cougar)
Stand or blind in water holes or with bait also chase it with dogs. This hunt takes place in several provinces of our country.

INDIAN BUFFALO (Water buffalo)
This is the biggest prey we have for shooting, about 1.800 pounds, you can find it in different areas.

This beautiful deer can be found in different areas.

Besides these species there are others as: Brocket deer (Corzuela), Pecary and Capybara. Each province has its own legislation and nature regulations regarding these animals.

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