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Wingshooting in Argentina must be experienced rather than explained. Doves in Cordoba province - is considered one of the best places for hunting doves, not only in Argentina but also in the whole world - are considered plague and there are no bag limits or seasons. Hunters regularly shoot about 800 to 1000 rounds in a hunting day. The dry climate and abundance of food provide tremendous bird populations. For this type of hunt you will have the permanent assistance, besides us, of a pick up boy also called bird boy that will gather the doves and the empty shells from the field, every day we will provide you with status sheets on the numbers of shells you fired and the number of birds you hit.

For the duck hunter, we can offer the most enjoyable shooting for a wide variety of unique and beautiful, South American waterfowl. In Argentina, you will find several varieties of colorful tail, including the brilliant silver tail that sports a bright yellow and blue bill, are common bags for hunters. Ducks are hunted from natural blinds in the islands of the Parana River, or by the fields of rice.

The partridge, called here perdiz, is similar to your quail; this bird is larger and found in singles and sometimes in pairs, its meat is excellent. It is a very fine and exciting hunt, to achieve the quota per hunter 12 or 15 birds, depending the regulation fixed by Nature Conservation for the year, we use bird hunting dogs, to see them working on the field, is a pleasure!

Small mammals as hares, and foxes; are able to be hunted in the same area.

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